We have provided a few tips to ensure that your parcel is packaged securely. Please make sure that your parcel is packaged BEFORE you place your order so that you have the exact weight and dimensions to provide us with so that we can price your delivery based on the exact size. By doing this you can avoid any surcharges for providing the incorrect package sizes. Taking time to read this guide can save you any losses if your item is damaged in transit. If your item is classed as insufficiently packaged, you may be unable to claim on our courier’s insurance. Follow our instructions and you will be confident that your item is packaged to the highest standard to reach its destination in tip top condition.


Use Strong Durable boxes

If you are sending an item you need to make sure that it is packages securely so that it travels through our partner network safely. You should always try to use strong double walled boxes rather than single walled boxes to protect you item on transit. Items will be stacked in transit so using a strong double walled box gives your item the best protection in transit.

Use padding to protect your items

You cannot rely on a strong box alone. If your item can move in the box, you need to ensure you pad this out to prevent this as most damages are caused by items that are insufficiently packed. Use polystyrene beads, blocks, bubble wrap or paper to pad your box to ensure that your item is protects and is prevented from moving. This also gives your box extra strength when other items are stacked on top in transit.

Keep Fragile Items Away from The Box Edges

Don’t take any chances with fragile items, use a box that is bigger than your item but not too much bigger. Make sure there is enough space between your item and the edge of the box, and that you have used sufficient padding to stop movement and strengthen the box for stacking.

Address & Label Your Box Correctly

Addressing and labelling your box correctly is essential to ensure it reaches its destination. You should write the delivery and return address on the inside and outside of the box in bold, waterproof ink. Use a black marker for this. You will also receive courier labels via email from us once you have booked your service and made payment. You should print these labels out and affix to your package securely using a strong waterproof tape.

Choose the right size box

Always choose a box that is the right size for your parcel. Using a box that is too big means your item will rattle around and may be damaged in transit. Boxes that are too big also have a higher chance of collapsing causing damage to your item. Choosing a box that is to small again puts your item at risk as you are unable to add sufficient padding to protect your item, and if you have had to squeeze your item into the box, then there is the possibility that your box may burst or split in transit.

Use Strong Tape to Seal & Secure Your Box

After you have gone to all the trouble of packing your box, the last thing you need is it opening in transit. To avoid this happening, you should use a strong industrial packing tape to secure your box. It is always better to add too much tape rather than not enough. Avoid using household Sellotape as this is not strong enough to secure your parcel in transit.

Mark Your Box with Fragile Items & This Way Up Stickers

Make sure the courier knows that the contents of your box may require a little extra care. It is really important to mark your boxes with “Fragile “Stickers and “This Way Up” signs so that the courier is aware of the contents. While this does not guarantee that nothing unforeseen may happen, we think that if you do this alongside using high quality boxes, packing and tape you can really reduce the risks involved in sending fragile items.

Make sure your parcel meets the packaging guidelines set out by your chosen courier. Click on the courier you have chosen below to see exactly how to ensure your parcel is packaged correctly:

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