Missing or Damaged Parcel

If the worst should happen you need to know the process for reporting a damaged or missing parcel and making a claim.

Signing For Delivery Of Your Parcel – If your parcel has arrived damaged, you can sign for the parcel, but you MUST not sign for the parcel as “Received in Good Condition”. If the parcel or item is damaged, you must not sign for as “Received in Good Condition”. If you do this will mean you are unable to process a claim. Check your item is in perfect condition before you accept delivery of this.

Making A Claim

Getting Started – The first thing you need to do to start a claim is take photos of the damaged item and packaging as proof of damage when the item was received. You should keep the item in the packaging it was delivered in, in case our courier partner needs to inspect this as part of the claims process. You will also need your consignment number and any proof you have such as an invoice to show your items value and the service you purchased from us.

How do I make a claim?

Please contact us direct to report your claim. Our team will be available to contact the courier to raise your claim and provide any updates.

How much can I claim for?

Every carrier has its own level of standard cover, so the amount you can claim depends on this, and if you purchased any additional cover to increase the insurance on your parcel. If you are unsure about the standard level of cover for the carrier you used, you can contact our team who will look this up for you. If you are eligible to make a claim and your parcel did not contain prohibited items or non-insurance items, your claim will be processed for the maximum cover amount plus the cost of delivery.

There was insurance included in my order but my item was worth more. Can I claim for the item value?

You can only claim for more than the standard maximum cover provided by your courier if you have purchased additional enhanced cover to the value of your item. Your invoice will show the level of cover you have. Standard levels of cover vary depending on which courier company you hired. You can find out these levels by contacting our team or by referring to the courier’s terms of service.

How long do I have to make a loss or damage claim?

You should make your claim immediately as soon as you have identified the damage or loss of your parcel. All claims must be received within 21 days of the date of booking. We will not be able to process any loss or damage claims received after this date.

Can I get my damaged item back from the receivers address?

Your item cannot be moved from the address where it was signed for until the claim s process is complete. If the item is moved then this will invalidate your claim.

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